Back for a Bit

Its been three years since my last post. I have travelled to so many places since then, in body and in mind…..but to risk boring you, i really enjoyed my time off. I recommend it! How does it goes? Action speaks louder than words? Although I think that doesn’t apply in this context….. My main preoccupation … More Back for a Bit

dark images save me

Sloth. I have perfected it. I am a hungry ghost in a life of illusion. Bloated with imaginary bliss A faux nirvana Contorted with desire My skeletal frame frail and disjointed  Spastic grasping, craving but ultimately Finding few but meaningless utterance  An ink less pen with mute stutterings  Crafty effort in indulgence and pure lust … More dark images save me

Sukhothai slumber

Sukhothai. I don’t know what got me here. But somehow in this very hour, this very minute, this very second it feels just right. That at this moment in time this is where I should be…… I run an inn, a beautiful B&B located in Northern California. I travel. I do yoga. And I practice … More Sukhothai slumber